We focus on duplexes up thru apartment buildings as-is for cash OR if you own the building outright, can set up a win/win contract for deed or other seller financing promissory note so you don't have to pay a large tax bill upfront (consult your CPA), yet can collect monthly income without the hassle factor.

Our Philosophies:

  • Seek a win/win outcome

  • Strive to be easy to work with

  • We work quickly to close within timeline or 1031 exchange

  • Strive to ensure minimal tenant disruption 

  • Can Buy or sell as-is, so no repairs // City of MPLS checklist items to attend to

  • Justin is a licensed MN Realtor with Bridge Realty...but no commissions if we buy from you

  • Will offer you a fair price for your property based on market and actual financials.

Whether a downsizing landlord sick of the hassles, ready to trade-up with  a 1031 Tax-deferred exchange, or ready to sell for any reason, we can help solve your problems and get you paid a fair price, simple and hassle-free.  Our Minneapolis based, family-owned business is here to help! 

We can save you thousands in commissions, repair costs, and closing costs by selling off-market, or can list/sell at a discounted commission with a full-service agent solution to the open market.

TRUSTED       -       LOCAL       -       EXPERIENCED      -      COMMITTED

We are a trusted, truly local property buyer in South Minneapolis.  

We are experienced, knowledgeable and committed to helping you, whether you are a property owner in a time-sensitive situation, a landlord exiting the rental business, or any situation in between. 

We promise to be transparent and fair every stage of the process and are seek your total satisfaction with the sale of your building!

Whatever your reason for selling, we want to help.


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Call 612-807-9090 and we'll pickup, or Complete the confidential form below and we'll call you back fast, our goal is as quickly as possible but we guarantee a response

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