Simply get in contact with us using the OFFER form (to the right on desktop, above on mobile) phone call if you prefer (612-807-9090), or email:  We'll be in touch as quickly as possible to discuss your unique situation and what options we may be able to offer you. If we can help we'll move on to the next step, but if not we're happy to try to point you in another helpful direction. 

We'll do some due diligence, crunch the numbers and make an offer on the building.  If you agree to move forward, we'll draft an official offer.  We highly regard seller financing (can often pay more in that situation) such as contract for deed. 
Justin can offer a full-service, retail listing on the MLS if you prefer that instead, through #1 office Bridge Realty.
If it is occupied, we will coordinate with you to do walk-thru, estimates if it needs any repairs, and any other checklist items needed before closing.
Finally, we will close on the transaction, get you paid, and transfer ownership.  You will either receive a cashier's check at closing from the title company or you will have a payable note and an income stream for the life of the note (you essentially become the bank and your equity can be your income // retirement plan).  We can also help refer you to a 1031 exchange intermediary so you can role the proceeds into a different property.


Call 612-807-9090 and we'll pickup, or Complete the confidential form below and we'll call you back fast, our goal is as quickly as possible but we guarantee a response

within 2 business days or less.  We want to help!